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Hershey Mill
Chester Co. | Pennsylvania | USA | u/k
Township: East Goshen Twp. | Watersource: West Br. Ridley Creek.

Hershey Mill
Picture: Jim MIller 10/30/1987

The old mill, a 35'X 50' 3.5 story sandstone/stucco structure, has been restored as private residence since before 1987.

Hershey Mill
Picture: Jim Miller 10/30/1987

The stone dam is located behind the Greenhill/ Hershey Mill Road residence. The renovation makes for a very nice small country estate. Need info. as to mill history and date built, etc.

Hershey Mill
Picture: Dean Pierce 01/04/2008

*Update: Hershey Mill was converted in the early 1960's by a wealthy Californian. Lucille Ball came to one of the parties he held when the mill was newly renovated. He died soon after the renovation - enroute back to California. The Estate was in probate for years to figure out the ownership. The original wooden wheel was removed and reportedly put in pieces under the brick floor on the ground floor. The three car garage contained chauffer's quarters and two 1961 Imperials. The Paddock Pool was one of the first inground pools in the area.

Hershey Mill
Picture: Robert Cosby

Presentation discussing age of Hershey Mill complex showing historical photos and maps. Right click on photo icon to open pdf.

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(Isaiah 59:21 NKJV)
Directions: East of the US 202 / US 30 (LINCOLN Hwy.) interchange on US 30 a half mile, turn right on Ravine Rd., go 0.7 miles to W. King Rd. Turn left on W. King Rd. and go 0.5 miles, turn right on Hershey Mill Rd. Go 1.6 miles to Greenhill Rd. The mill is on the left corner at the junction.
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