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Chase's Mill
Cheshire Co. | New Hampshire | USA | 1919
Township: Alstead Twp. | Watersource: Warren Brook

Chase's Mill

Powered by a turbine, this lovely situated mill, in 1973, was still using waterpower to run woodworking machines for training students in woodworking and mill technology. The earlier mill on the site mill was a gristmill.

Chase's Mill
Picture: Theodore R. Hazen

Dust Jacket of "Little Old Mills," Dutton, 1935, 367 pages using thew Chase/Alsteads Mill as a model.

Chase's Mill

Built in 1919 by William Hartley Dennett, stepfather of Heman (Hyman)Chase. The earliest mill on the site was a grist mill built in 1767 by Timothy Delano. Some of stone foundations date from this earlier mill and were incorporated into the current mill. In the late 1800's, Frank Messer operated a mill here that produced shingles, chair stock, dowels, bucket handles, sap spouts, mouldings, and such items. At the dam was also a fulling mill, and below the dam, a sawmill(1770), a starch and rake factory, a triphammer shop, and a tiny spinning mill.

Directions: Edge of community of East Alstead, New Hampshire at Mill Hollow.
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