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Funk's Mill
Bucks Co. | Pennsylvania | USA | 1863/65
Township: Springfield Twp. | Watersource: Cook's Creek

Funk's Mill

The mill is a 35'x55' fieldstone structure covered in 'very old' stucco. The 3.5 story mill is laced with steel strengthening rods running both directions through the floors to keep the walls true and reinforce the flooring. The ends on this of the rods in this particular mill are capped in five-pointed stars. Not much is known at this time about this mill although it was operating up to about 1960. The penstock supplying part of Cook's Creek to the mill is seen on the right side of photo.

Directions: At the east end of Springtown where Pa 212 crosses Cook's Creek, mill is on the south side of Pa 212.
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