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Whiteley Mill / Villines Mill / Boxley Mill
Newton Co. | Arkansas | USA | Orig mill c.1840, this 1870
Township: Van Buren Twp. | Watersource: Jordan Creek.

Whiteley Mill / Villines Mill / Boxley Mill
Picture: J.Roger Huff unknown submitted 10/2009

This mill, built in 1870 by Robert Villines, replaced an earlier 1840 mill built by Abner Casey. The Casey mill waspurchased by Samuel Whiteley, and known as Whiteley's Millduring the CIvil War skirmish known as the "Battle of Whiteley's Mill", which took place in the vicinity of the mill in April 1864 (see website above the picture).

Whiteley Mill / Villines Mill / Boxley Mill
Picture: Wikipedia.com 2006 United States Park Service public domain

The original 1840 mill was replaced by the current mill in 1870 by Robert Villines. The new mill proved to be more efficient and cost effective. Robert's son, James Larkin Villines, and later his grandson, Robert's son Clyde owned and operated the mill.

Whiteley Mill / Villines Mill / Boxley Mill
Picture: United States Park Service post 1980 public domain

Milling services were provided to the Boxley Valley, which is, a part of the upper Buffalo River Valley. The mill has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since July 1971 and is also listed on the register as a contributing structure to the Big Buffalo Valley Historic District since 1987.

Directions: Located just off Hwy. 43, north of Boxley in Newton County.
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