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Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
LaSalle Co. | Illinois | USA | 1840
Township: Vermillion Twp. | Watersource: Vermillion River.

Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
Picture: Unknown-1887 submitted by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009

The mill sadly is now in ruins. It operated from 1840 to approximately 1890, and was totally shut down in 1892. I was wondering about that framework apparatus in the photo and if it could have anything to do with water intake. I am wondering if they ever put waterwheels inside. I would think it would be much too humid and ruin the flour. I,ve since found out that mills many times, did have interior waterwheels. The apparatus to the right of the mill in the photo may have been to deepen the millrace (take away the dregings) or have been related to some coal mining that was prevalent in the immediate area.

Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
Picture: 1887 submitted by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009

I have started a little story of the mill for my family - a work in progress of course, since I know so little. I know more about the miller than the mill, of course, as it was a part of my ancestors livelihood.

Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
Picture: Sketch-CHR submitted by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009

This drawing that I have, best shows the side that I thought was the front where you can see only two stories. I think both sides had those double windows. I have no photos of the inside so far. The sketch shows Lowell Mills, John & William Nicholson, Proprietors.

Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
Picture: Unknown submitted by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009

Perhaps this was the flood and resultant ice flow jam that took out the dam in 1890, resulting in the eventual closing of the mill two years later.

Lowell Grist Mill-ruins/site
Picture: Bartlett Photo 1926 submitted by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009

This 1926 photo shows the mill without a roof. A good roof can protect the interior for many years, but once it is gone , the walls quickly succomb to the ravages of the elements. *Photos and most information provided by Judy Nicholson 08/06/2009*

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Directions: Somewhat vague directions. Check with the Vermillion Township Supervisor' office concerning the location of the foundations along the Vermillion River at Lowell, Illinois.
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