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Caledonia Mill
Haldimand/Norfolk Co. | Ontario | Canada | 1846
Township: Caledonia Twp. | Watersource: Grand River.

Caledonia Mill
Picture: Unknown: submitted- Ian Thompson 02/2008

An unknown photo source taken when the mill operated in 1917.

Caledonia Mill
Picture: Unknown: submitted by Ian Thompson 02/2008

Another photo, photographer unknown, of the mill in 1919.

Caledonia Mill
Picture: Ralph Bray submitted by Ian THompson 02/2008

Photo taken in summer 2005 of the mill about the time of the conversion into the grand River Theatre Company.

Caledonia Mill
Picture: Grand River Theatre Compnay 2005

The mill/theatre decorated for the holiday season in 2005.

Caledonia Mill
Picture: Ian Thompson 02/2008

A collage of images of the mills interior taken by Ian Thompson and submitted to millpictures.com in Feb. 2008.

"God made water flow from rocks he split open in the desert, and his people drank freely, as though from a lake."
(Psalm 78:15 CEV)
Directions: Just south Of Hamilton, Ontario, take Highway 6 south to Caledonia. Cross Canada's only 9-span bridge and turn an immediate right onto Forfar Street. Drive up to the mill, the big building next to the river.
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