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Panhandle Milling Co / All American Feed Mill
Bonner Co. | Idaho | USA | 1889, additions 1901.
Township: Sandpoint, nearest town | Watersource: Non water-powered, electricity.

Panhandle Milling Co / All American Feed Mill
Picture: Norman Reed 2003

The picture was snapped in 2003 while on a ski trip. Nothing else is currently known about its history and operation. Could be the same as All American Feed Mill (502 W. Alder St. puts it less than a block from US 95 in downtown Sandpoint). If All American Feed Mill, Jeff Buck was the owner about 2003. Listed then as non-operating.

Panhandle Milling Co / All American Feed Mill

*Update: Panhandle Mill was in operation until June 2004 when the business was closed. Due to high taxes in the City of Sandpoint and wrist injuries inflicted to the owner, the mill was demolished. Bill Canady 03/25/2008*

"God gives such beauty to everything that grows in the fields, even though it is here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow. Won't he do even more for you? You have such little faith."
(Luke 12:28 CEV)
Directions: Located along US 95 about 40 miles north of Couer d' Alene, Idaho.
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